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Placement Services

Secure jobs through Campus Placements conducted by Perpetro Technologies. We at Perpetro Technologies provide candidates from all disciplines with a round the year placement opportunities through our open enrolment campus programs.

Our strong team of consultants is dedicated to helping your company successfully achieve its business goals in today's dynamic environment. We are completely process driven and ensure that we offer our clients the best candidates in the fastest Turn Around Time & at the best Conversions Ratios. 

While availing of the campus placement solution of Perpetro Technologies, companies will be able to search and view student profiles, job applications, and schedule placement activities. Before the commencement of the selection process, we first provide the candidates with information regarding the employing company. We inform them about the philosophy and the way the company operates. The candidates get a before hand idea about the remunerations, and the job. They are also informed about the nature of orientation and training programs conducted by the company. Campus recruitment procedure of Perpetro Technologies ensures comprehensive and strategic HR solutions to client employers. We help our client organizations to manage employment of candidates and at the same time ensure that the potential candidates get a wide spectrum platform for job offers from diversified industries. 

To enquire about the procedure and other information related to campus placement conducted by Perpetro Technologies, please email us at We invite you to assess our competence in conducting effective campus placement in order to ensure the optimum growth of your company. 


  • An Year-long placement assistance
  • Tips and suggestions straight from the recruiters
  • Our career specialists can mentor and guide you throughout the entire employment process.
  • We have built a strong networking and industrial associations with SMEs and MNCs which helps us find the perfect position for each candidate

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