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Campus Training

Perpetro is a Finishing School Program designed for Fresh Engineering Graduates This is a fast track program that recognizes candidates on engineering principles, nurtures them on technology and software tools, provides them domain knowledge with hands-on training and grooms them with soft skills. This Training helps Engineers who graduate every year to have great analytical and technical skills while they lack the requisite software skillset, domain knowledge and soft skills to make them employable and productive. With the growing pressure of global competition and the crunching time-to-market, Engineering Managers are pitted with the challenge of utilizing their resources to the maximum. Perpetro helps by reducing time and effort required to hone and equip fresh Engineers in getting along with the new scenario and provides applied knowledge to academic learning through this program.

We at Perpetro provide technology skills and the much needed human skills which are required to transform the learners as complete professionals by bridging the gap between Academics and Industry. Our on - campus skill development programme is designed to create & enhance employability skills in students who are pursuing their Degrees in Engineering and Arts & Science Colleges. This programme nurtures and train students on technology and software tools with hands-on training and grooms them with soft skills.

Our program enables students to face the growing pressure of global competition and the crunching time-to-market. Our experienced Faculty and Trainers will enable students to Learn, Discover, Experiment & gain Expertise in new technologies and equip them for the numerous job opportunities in the market

Ist & II Year Engineering Students

Power English Certification Course
  • English Usage
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Fluency Building Techniques
  • Pyscho Motor Skills
  • Etiquette Essentials
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

IIIrd Year Engineering Students

  • Industry Exposure Training
  • Placement Training
    • Aptitude Enhancement Training
    • Behavioral Enhancement Training(soft skill development)
    • Group Discussion
    • HR Interview Techniques and Stress Round

IV Year Engineering Students

Technical Training
  • Technical Training
    • IOS Training
    • Android Training
    • Windows 8 Training
    • Cloud computing
    • Mobile Application Testing
    • Certified Associate in Project Management training
    • Project Assistance

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