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SAP Estimation Best Practices you need to know!

One of the common pitfalls of SAP implementation is a lack of robust estimation techniques. Underestimating the project in terms of required hardware, software, and efforts for design, development, testing, and Go Live support can lead to implementation failures. If you’re unable to size the complexity of the project at an early stage by using […]

Big Data – How Companies learn your Secrets!

I would like to share an interesting article that I recently read. It was published in year 202 but I missed to read it till last week. In a February 2012, Charles Duhigg wrote an article titled “How companies learn your secrets” in New York Times. Target, a retail company in US hired a statistician […]

iOS App Development-the web technologies that you need!

The introduction of the iPhone, and the subsequent unveilings of the iPod touch and iPad, revolutionized the way people interacted with hand-held devices. iOS is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple inc. and distributed exclusively for Apple hardware. iOS app development requires knowledge on below web technologies: Safari – it is Apple […]

Web Design: What is Responsive design?

The way in which web sites are built has evolved over the past 20 years. The 1990 were dominated by web sites being built in tables, and although the cascading style sheet (CSS) specification was released in 1996, CSS didn’t really take center stage until mid-2003. This brought the launch of CSS Zen Garden, which […]

The Future of Data Virtualization

Exponential growth in traditional transactional data, plus new information from social media, call detail records, sensors and devices, and geo location systems, has made it imperative that businesses take the lead in harnessing data to drive new insights for competitive advantage. To turn these new insights into business opportunities, both business and IT executives are […]

Android Mobile App Development – The tools you need

JAVA –  James Gosling from Sun Microsystems created the Java programming language in the mid 1990s. Java’s meteoric rise in use came from the elegance of the language and the well-conceived platform architecture. After a brief blaze of glory with applets and the web, Java settled into being a solid, general purpose language with special […]

Who provides the best Android Course in Chennai?

The Android OS is currently the most popular OS in the world today, running on everything from watches to HD smartphone to touchscreen tablets to eBook readers to interactive television sets. Since there are billions of Android consumers electronics devices owned by people all over the world, it stands to reason that developing applications for […]

Business Intelligence tool – do your business really need one?

  We might simply look at three different perspectives on information value versus use:   Functional perspective. From this point of view, processes focus on the tasks relating to a particular business function such as sales, marketing, finance, and such. Functional processes have a reliance on data within standard operating business activities to “run the […]

Brief History of Software Testing

Throughout the history of software development, there have been many definitions and advances in software testing. In the 1950s, software testing was defined as “what programmers did to find bugs in their programs”. As software development matured through the 1960s and 1970s, the activity of software development was referred to as “computer Science”. Software testing […]

Android: A Brief History

Everyone knows Android as “the google OS” but that is not entirely true. Android, Inc. was once its own company and Android was its brain Child. In 2003, the startup had a plan to create a smarter phone that was aware of a user’s location and preferences. At the time, it was something that technology […]

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